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About Gómez De Segura winery

Rioja winemaking family Gómez de Segura

The winery was established in 1948. Initially ten underground concrete vats up to seven metres in depth were built. These are able to preserve the wine at a constant temperature of 14°C. In 2009 a total of fifteen inox deposits were added. Today, depending on the specific characteristics of the intended final product, this third generation of winemakers choose or combine modern techniques with traditional recipes as they see fit for optimum and very personal results.

Gómez de Segura own a 50ha vineyard mostly devoted to tempranillo with small amounts of graciano, carignan (known locally as mazuelo) and white viura (known in Catalonia as macabeo).

The mountain range parallel to the Atlantic Spanish northern coast and known as Sierra de Cantabria plays a determining role in the climate of Rioja Alavesa. Its relatively high average altitude makes it a natural barrier that blocks cold and wet north-easterly winds. Vineyards on South facing slopes that extend to the river Ebro benefit from extensive sunlight exposure in the summer for an optimum final ripening of the grapes.

The vineyard soil is calcareous clay, predominantly limestone, deep, more or less gravelly material of medium or light consistency, soft and healthy. Contributions of organic matter in the form of sheep manure improve both the physical and chemical soil characteristics.

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