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About Jane & Santacana winery

A celebration of nature

A spring welcoming reunion takes place at Jane & Santacana every year. With the first sprouts, family friends and regular clients get together for a walk around the vineyard and a glass of cava alfresco over an informal chat on the harvest, the production method of cava and what not. Beautiful. “It is truly a spectacle”, comments Nati Jane referring to witnessing the appearance of the first green shoots coming off the twisted vine stumps. Apparently dry dead all through the winter, it does make real the hackneyed phrase of the miracle of spring.

Situated between Santa Fe de Penedes and Puigdalber, Baldus estate dates back from the 17th century. It is a typical Penedes farm with 52ha of land that coincide with a Roman centuriation, plus a domus rustica or farm cottage. Historically it was devoted to the characteristic regional crops like cereals, grapevine, olives and almonds plus sheep and beef cattle breeding. Already in the 18th and 19th centuries a significant amount of the wines produced were shipped to America and the Philippines.

From the 1970´s the total area is used for producing wine from the three predominant varieties of xarello, macabeo and parellada plus merlot. Today the winery is looked after by the three descendants of Josep A. Jane Santacana.

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