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About La Tercia winery

La Tercia winery

Inside a one-hundred-year-old,typical country house situated in Alcázar de San Juan, in the very core of La Mancha, this bodega started to produce wine in the early 20th century. Refurbished and relaunched towards the end of that same century by its inheritors and current owners, the Sánchez-Mateos brothers, LaTercia has already made a name both in Spain and internationally. It is fully organic certified since 1998.

They grow 45ha of airen and tempranillowith an average vine age of 25 and 85 years respectively. A unique, outstanding feature of La Tercia is that a good number of their vines survived the phylloxera plague at the end of the 19th century and never needed grafting, in other words their fruit represents the most genuine, pure breed varieties.

It is often forgotten that airen is the mostly produced white variety in the world; while it lacks the popularity of much better known international varieties, airen is the quintessential white in La Mancha, an area that with its 450,000ha of vineyards is the largest winemaking region in the world, with some wineries producing large scale volumes. The characteristic red in La Mancha is tempranillo.

La Tercia product range revolves around these two emblematic grape types and it is positionedalong a good number of other up and coming La Mancha wineries, as a smallscale producer of high quality wines.

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