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About Camino del Villar winery

Antonio Fernández founder of Viña Aliaga

Antonio Fernández, founder of family run, Corellan Navarra based Viña Aliaga

Pioneered by Antonio Fernández who started making wine over fifty years ago, descendant family Fernández-Aliaga have set up a modern winery in Corella, southwest Navarre. Corella is situated on the Ebro river south bank, at the feet of Moncayo hill. Camino del Villar grows 70ha of local vineyards with an average vine-age of 25 years. Crianza and reserva wines are aged in fine American oak and Allier, French oak barrels.  Varieties grown include:

Garnacha: ideal for the production of young, fresh, unoaked wines, especially rosé because of its typical subtle acidity, great fruit aromatic potential and a varietal characteristic sweet tinge.

Tempranillo: early-harvest variety, suitable for aging in oak, produces wines well balanced in strength, colour, flavour and acidity.

Cabernet Sauvignon: its wines are robust, coloured, rich in tannins, with good acidity and although they tend to appear astringent when young, with ageing they achieve appealing aromas and body, ideal for long aged reservas.

Local critics have compared Aliaga wines with their family members as gentle, elegant and sincere.
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Showing 1 - 2 of 2 items