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About Can Majoral winery

Andreu & Mireia Oliver founder and winemaker at Can Majoral winery Majorca

Andreu and Mireia Oliver, founder and winemaker at Can Majoral winery of Algaida, Majorca

Can Majoral, authentic wines from hidden Majorca

Small, family winery Can Majoral was founded in 1979. Initiator Andreu Oliver acted on the desire and conviction that the land around Algaida in central, western Majorca could be the foundation for quality wines. Can Majoral is in fact the nickname that the locals have historically used to refer to this family. Since early days plans have materialised and this bodega has never stopped developing and growing.

The bodega’s main building features a large open yard, with warehouses, the actual cellar and the garden around it. Both Can Majoral’s vineyards and winery are located in the vicinity of Algaida, a village with long viticulture history that is part of the appellation Denominacion de Origen Pla i Llevant in Mallorca.

First organic certified cellar in Majorca

Son Roig vineyard Algaida Majorca

Son Roig vineyard near Algaida, Majorca

Can Majoral was the second Spanish winery ever certified as organic, first one on the Balearic Islands. Low yields of healthy, high quality grapes are obtained by means of avoiding synthetic chemicals and respecting the natural cycle of the vines and its interrelation with the soil and living environment. The Balearic council for organic agriculture (CBPAE) monitors all Can Majoral vineyards and wines. It is a public body in charge of inspection, certification and responsible for ensuring compliance with the European legislation 2092/91 regarding organic produce.

Can Majoral’s vineyards

Mireia Oliver organising harvesters at Son Roig vineyard, Algaida, Majorca

Mireia Oliver organising harvesters at Son Roig vineyard

The Andreu family own 17 hectares of vineyards in two locations near Algaida, where they grown 14 different native and international varieties of organic grapes.

Son Reus estate, on the road from Algaida to Pina, is near a medieval mansion from which it took its name after the Christian conquest in the 13th century. This territory was called Butibalausí by the previous Moorish inhabitants. Soils are clay loam with abundant iron oxide that gives them a coppery red colour.

The other vineyard is called Son Roig, has a slightly undulating limestone and clay ground, it is surrounded by almond, carob and fig trees. The vineyard is shelter by the Randa and Son Roig hills.

In 2017 Can Majoral harvested more than 80,000 kilos of grapes, less than previous years but of very high quality. This last is year the weather has been unusual: cold and a much rain during the winter, a sunny spring with little rain and an unusually hot and dry summer.

Aware of the influence of fruit quality in the final quality of the resulting wines, harvest is done by hand thanks to the dedication and of a handful of experienced people, mainly family and friends, who choose to endure the sun in kind of yearly communal reencounter with nature and tradition.

Winemaking approach

Can Majoral winery facilities

Can Majoral - Winery facilities

The wine concept across Can Majoral’s range is either single varietal or using one variety as the base with small contributions from others to achieve greater complexity, always looking for uniqueness and maximum expression.

Can Majoral has the equipment for an optimum, separate vinification of each variety. Indigenous fermentation yeasts, low doses of sulphur and temperature control throughout the process contribute to the quality and authenticity of the wines. Once finished, the wines rest in the underground cellar, inside French oak barrels. Each wine of each vintage has its time and type of barrel. Whites and red wines that require longer ageing rest in new oak. Short aging reds use 2 to 4-year-old barrels. The final blend is determined with periodic tastings during the whole process.

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