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We assume that a proper dinner may require more powerful wines than a lighter bite; a more formal mealtime would be better accompanied by a more complex wine and a casual gathering by easier drinking ones. Just assumptions, always your call

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  • Everyday

    Our bet here is for all types, provided you keep within budget and with the precondition of a balance between being easy to drink and retaining enough interesting aromas not to bore you after a while

  • Lunch

    Our proposition starts with still whites and reds up to a medium degree of complexity, what we summarise as layered. If you are a rosé fan or love your meal with bubbles, why not?

  • Dinner

    If you are going for a proper meal we would recommend still whites, rosés and reds that will not be offset by food flavours, wines even with some complexity

  • Dessert

    Tradition indicates that desserts need a sweet wine. On second thoughts, your favourite dry wine, still or sparkling, may add a nice tangy, contrasting note to your pudding. For instance, coffee and chocolate trigger magic flavours with a nice red

  • Tapas

    Diverse and informal food by definition, any wine may in principle do the job. With tapas we would suggest however to leave aside, if at all, the more mature and complex reds and whites, unless we are talking iberico ham or manchego cheese

  • Barbecue

    Contrary as with tapas, we would go for more powerful, layered or complex wines that will not fade when matched with strong flavours of grilled meat or fish

  • Picnic

    Cold food may be perfectly enjoyed with the more subtle aromas of lighter, fruit driven wines, particularly white and rosé

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Showing 1 - 12 of 60 items
Showing 1 - 12 of 60 items