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About Vehemencia winery

Vehemencia plays with the name of the queen of Bierzo varieties, mencia, and reflects the vehemence that drives the development of this bodega, determined to stay faithful to organic viticulture. Vehemencia is also a good fit for the fruit intensity and flavour vigour gently offered by their flagship red wine.

Vehemencia is a relatively young, small and independent winery established and run by Enrique Prada, grounded on a long family winemaking tradition, in the heart of Bierzo region. This area of over 3,000 sq Km in north-western Spain features exceptionally old vineyards primarily of mencia followed by grenache red varieties and godello white.

Bierzo is also well known for its hills and valleys that provide vineyards with a wide diversity of grape maturing conditions. Climate diversity is also particularly dramatic with cold winters and hot summers.

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Showing 1 - 2 of 2 items