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Spanish vineyard with red leaves about to fall in Autumn

List of Spanish wine regions and appellations

8th October 2018

Below we list all Spanish wine regions registered with the EU Commission as Protected Designations of Origin (PDOs) and Protected Geographical Indications (PGIs), classified by autonomous community, Spain’s first-level political and administrative division. Total number of Protected Designations of Origin (PDOs): 90 Total number of Protected Geographical Indications (PGIs): 42 Under each autonomous community we […]

'Catavinos' style wine glasses with all the different Sherry styles next to each other

Understand Sherry in 3 min

21st September 2018

  Sherry or Jerez refers to the fortified wine produced from authorised grape types and vineyards in the area between Jerez de la Frontera and Lebrija inland and Sanlúcar de Barrameda and Puerto de Santa Maria on the coast of Andalusia, Southern Spain. Production is regulated by the governing body of the “Denominación de Origen […]

Panoramic view along Tobacco Dock by the Thames, London, with old ship to the right and The Shard and skyline in the background

Fake-ed Wines – the UK’s Spanish wine scam

19th April 2018

Naked Wines abuse UK customers and denigrate the Spanish wine industry in a diversity of manners: mis-selling large volume Spanish wine as fake, small scale projects by signature winemakers; utilising farmers’ real needs and a false promise of preferential prices to stimulate consumers’ expenditure; associating a few genuine Spanish wine names with a long list […]

Can Majoral, Majorca winery's grape harvesters celebrate the end of their work by throwing their buckets high into the air all at once

Spanish wine: two reasons to choose it, one not to

18th January 2018

Spain is a large and efficient wine producer, very competitive in price and quality. The Spanish wine industry, as it happens in other important wine producing countries, is polarised between a few large-scale producers and exporters and a large number of medium to very small producers, some of which are barely visible in international markets […]

Panoramic view of Marques de Riscal winery building by Frank O. Gehry

Best of Spain’s wine scene with Grape Escapes

30th November 2016

Alternatively to settling down for an evening with a fabulous bottle of red you may feel that it is time to discover the true home of some of Spain’s most renowned wines in Rioja. Grape Escapes is a specialist wine tour operator offering a broad selection of holidays and trips to the premium European wine regions. Here’s Grape Escapes’ 2017 programme to visit this hot spot in the European wine production and development scene

Two traditional lating-rigged racing boats in La Albufera

The relationship between paella and sailing

15th October 2016

Rice was historically introduced in Valencia from the 8th century along with Muslim culture. It was grown in the wetland around a lagoon located south of the city of Valencia. Later in the 18th Century rice farmers started to reclaim land from the lagoon. Earth moving works, labour on the rice fields and fishing were carried out by peasants who used to commute on latin-rigged sailing boats of Middle Eastern ultimate origin.

Sarcastic back label of Monastrellissimo, Jumilla 2014 Spanish red wine

The wine jargon parody label that’s shocked industry and media

7th October 2016

A Jumilla, Murcia winery has come out with a truly sarcastic label to make fun of traditional wine jargon. The Spanish wine industry is fast getting rid of traditional constraints. You may think that this exercise of laughing at yourself is slightly over the top but it is fun and it is healthy. Here’s our free translation of the back label.

Three cooks while making paella for 130 people

Beyond debate, Valencian paella genuine recipe

5th October 2016

What is referred to as Valencian Paella is a popular, non written recipe that is only followed in the city of Valencia and an area around it. Locals however see their way as the only way. Without entering the discussion, we offer the ingredients and a few hints on what Valencians treasure as their ensign dish, obtained from an experienced rice farmer and cook.

Latest on Brexit and the wine Armada

7th September 2016

Reality contradicts to an extent the OEMV’s –the Spanish wine industry’s watchdog- soothing and calming, post Brexit vote balm-report. Even if recession is finally kept at bay, a frailer economic outlook, lower wages and a weaker currency are definitely going to put more pressure on the extraordinary increase in recent years of the UK’s imported […]

Why Spanish wines are interesting

8th June 2016

Oddbins, one of UK’s best known wine retailers, introduce their Spanish wine section in their online shop with a praising description: “wine is a matter of very personal taste. Over the last 50 years, as we’re sure you can imagine, here at Oddbins we’ve heard almost everything. Those who say that South African wines all […]