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The wine jargon parody label that’s shocked industry and media

The Spanish wine industry moves on fast

A courageous way of making fun of traditional wine jargon. The Spanish wine industry is definitely shaking off traditional straitjackets. Even if you think this is over the top, laughing at yourself is a healthy exercise.

Here’s our free translation of the label:

Sarcastic back label of Monastrellissimo, Jumilla 2014 Spanish red wine

Back label of Monastrellissimo, Jumilla 2014

Deep hue purple red with violet rim. Very expressive and fruity on the nose with lively tannins on the palate and very good structure.

Just as if I told you that…a few village men vampires of educated, well-off families take care of the harvest only during nights when greater kestrels mate while they listen to romantic flamenco ballads (the village men).  After that, it is fermented in tungsten vats built by glamorous, pro-monarchy dwarfs with colourful mohicans. You’re equally going to believe us.

Author’s notes:

1) Lepero is in Spanish humour the colloquial, stereotyped reference to the silly guy of the village.

2) Chiquetete is a popular singer of flamenco origins who’s career veered towards popular romantic ballads.

3) Carlista: follower of a 19th century Spanish political movement of traditional, catholic nature, advocates of king’s brother Carlos Maria Isidro de Borbon, against liberalism and Queen Elisabeth II of Spain.

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