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Panoramic view along Tobacco Dock by the Thames, London, with old ship to the right and The Shard and skyline in the background

Fake-ed Wines – the UK’s Spanish wine scam

19th April 2018

Naked Wines abuse UK customers and denigrate the Spanish wine industry in a diversity of manners: mis-selling large volume Spanish wine as fake, small scale projects by signature winemakers; utilising farmers’ real needs and a false promise of preferential prices to stimulate consumers’ expenditure; associating a few genuine Spanish wine names with a long list […]

Panoramic view of Marques de Riscal winery building by Frank O. Gehry

Best of Spain’s wine scene with Grape Escapes

30th November 2016

Alternatively to settling down for an evening with a fabulous bottle of red you may feel that it is time to discover the true home of some of Spain’s most renowned wines in Rioja. Grape Escapes is a specialist wine tour operator offering a broad selection of holidays and trips to the premium European wine regions. Here’s Grape Escapes’ 2017 programme to visit this hot spot in the European wine production and development scene

Two traditional lating-rigged racing boats in La Albufera

The relationship between paella and sailing

15th October 2016

Rice was historically introduced in Valencia from the 8th century along with Muslim culture. It was grown in the wetland around a lagoon located south of the city of Valencia. Later in the 18th Century rice farmers started to reclaim land from the lagoon. Earth moving works, labour on the rice fields and fishing were carried out by peasants who used to commute on latin-rigged sailing boats of Middle Eastern ultimate origin.