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Sarcastic back label of Monastrellissimo, Jumilla 2014 Spanish red wine

The wine jargon parody label that’s shocked industry and media

7th October 2016

A Jumilla, Murcia winery has come out with a truly sarcastic label to make fun of traditional wine jargon. The Spanish wine industry is fast getting rid of traditional constraints. You may think that this exercise of laughing at yourself is slightly over the top but it is fun and it is healthy. Here’s our free translation of the back label.

Latest on Brexit and the wine Armada

7th September 2016

Reality contradicts to an extent the OEMV’s –the Spanish wine industry’s watchdog- soothing and calming, post Brexit vote balm-report. Even if recession is finally kept at bay, a frailer economic outlook, lower wages and a weaker currency are definitely going to put more pressure on the extraordinary increase in recent years of the UK’s imported […]