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Can I buy one or two bottles of a certain wine?

Yes, either individually or as part of a mixed pack (MultiCASE). However shipping charges are calculated on the basis of a 12-bottle tier tariff, i.e., you will still pay the same shipping fee up to the first 12 bottles.

Is there a minimum order?

No, however, the minimum shipping charge to any UK address covers up to 12 bottles. To make the most of the applicable shipping rate, we recommend that you purchase 12 bottles.

How can I decide on the wine I would ideally like to purchase?

We start by suggesting the style of wine you may need based on the type of your intended use of it: events, meal times... From the various options provided you may then narrow your selection by using all the filters provided. Of each individual wine we provide a description of aromas usually associated with the grapes used plus a standard tasting notes sheet that you can download. If a wine description already includes customer ratings, these may provide some guidance. You are at any stage more than welcome to write or telephone us with any questions.

Why do you hardly ever mention professional ratings or wine awards associated with your product range?

We would like to place our clients at the helm, with total sovereignty. Your own past experience, we believe, is the best guidance possible to inform a future purchase. We would like to encourage our clients to taste in order to form their own opinions. Your experience, if shared, may as well serve others with their purchasing decisions.

Are these wines also available in some kind of brick & mortar shop in the UK?

The majority are not, at least not for the moment. Most of them cannot yet be found in UK restaurants either. Nothing to do with trading exclusivity, though. The reason is just that most of these wineries have not had the opportunity or the resources to establish distribution channels in the UK market.

Will these wines be available in UK pubs or restaurants too?

Hopefully they will be. It is only a question of restaurants and pubs getting to know and like them so that eventually they buy a selection to best suit their clientele’s wine tastes.

Do you sell to trade customers as well as to individual customers?

Yes we do. A wholesale discount tariff is available on request.

Do you deliver outside of the UK?

No, we do not deliver outside of the UK. Bodega Soul Ltd imports wine from a list of wineries in Spain and makes it directly available to UK customers. We do not re-export any produce outside of the UK.

Do you offer different shipping options?

We only offer a fast, wine-specialist delivery service through our logistics partner. This efficient, wine orientated delivery service constitutes a core element of our proposition.

Can I ship wine to a friend as a gift?

Definitely, yes. You may add various delivery addresses to your account. Simply add the address of the intended recipient and untick the box that links delivery and billing addresses.

What happens if I am not home when you try to deliver my order?

We can leave your purchased wines with an adult at your indicated delivery address. Additionally, when filling out your delivery address details, you have the option of providing an alternative point of delivery such as your neighbour or a nearby business you trust.

May somebody else receive my wine order on my behalf?

Yes, as long as they have the minimum legal age to purchase alcoholic drinks.

Do I need to sign in or register to place an order?

You need to provide a valid address in the UK plus a contact telephone number for us to be able to arrange delivery. To provide an address you have to register or sign in with a valid email and password. You can associate different addresses for your convenience with future purchases and delete or manage them anytime, at will.