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Less is more. This is why we have summarised all wine styles in three groups: fruit-driven, layered and complex. Ideally this simple scheme facilitates wine selection in the purchasing process.

Fruit-driven are usually lighter in body, easy to drink wines with flavours that are without difficulty associated with fruit or similar flavours such as herbal or floral notes. In other words, the equivalent of a light eau de toilette you can spray generously anytime.

Layered are those wines that, because of the type of grape or winemaking process followed, beyond a fruit base they feature some maturity aromas such as those associated with ripe fruit, jam, cocoa, caramel, etc., spices and even mineral hints. In a way they are comparable to your favourite fragrance.

Complex is a descriptor that may be misguiding. It does not refer to a supposed difficulty associated with their drinking, understanding and enjoyment. It refers to the fact that on top of base layers of fruit or floral aromas, a diversity of maturity notes dominate. These notes stem from the grapes and winemaking process plus, very importantly, the ageing period and method that the wine has gone through. They are somewhat like a more sophisticated perfume you put on only on certain occasions.

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