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How to find the wine you need

  1. You may start by selecting Red, White, Rosé, Cava or Sherry.
  2. Refine your search by using all the filters on your left like Type, Style, Price, Grape Variety, Appellation, etc.
  3. Once you select a specific wine, you will find a non-technical description, aromas or flavours associated with the grape or grapes used and if you wish to go into further technical details of the winemaking process, scroll down for a standard tasting notes template filled with all the information provided by the winery.
There is also a section devoted to briefly describe each winery, their approach to winemaking and the type of wines they produce. We believe that it is very important to know who is behind your bottle of wine.

All individual wines are available in any pick and choose configuration and 6-bottle cases. Many of our wines are also available as part of a pre-mixed cases. The latter are arranged based on a theme or common denominator, be it that they are particularly refreshing for the summer or that they represent a particular wine style or Spanish region, for instance.

If you are still in doubt, please email us at or call 0208 123 3359 during office hours. We'll be delighted to help.