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Manuel Sevilla Moroder

Access small, independent Spanish quality wineries from home

This is where we add value: building bridges betweeen the UK wine consumer and small Spanish wineries for whom it is not easy to entre the UK's competitive market.

Spanish wines have improved substantially in the last decades and keep getting better. They have a reputation for extraordinary value for money at every price level. However, representation in the UK is polarised between low cost, large scale produced wines for supermarkets and large retailers and a handful of premium wines with a stablished name only available at specialist shops or selected restaurants.

independent wineries, the core of the new, quality wines' Spanish scene, have very little or no presence in the UK. Supermarkets and other large retailers usually stock what they need: low cost wines produced on an industrial scale.

Smaller size is the basis for higher quality and a meaningful wine that represents a given region and its characteristic soil, climate, grape varieties and wineaking style traditions.

Manuel Sevilla Moroder, founder.

Bodega Soul operates an advanced, e-commerce initiative that presents in an innovative fashion, off-mainstream, sensibly priced, quality Spanish wines for sale in the UK market. Individual wines are available

1) on a pick and choose basis
2) as part of pre-mixed cases we call MultiCASES

Online wine shops and wineries openly and profusely declare their passion for wine. We share their feeling but what we are really passionate about is world class customer service.

Wines are presented in a customer orientated manner that invites to try and explore in order to form your own judgement. Suggested intended use, simplified classification and visual aroma descriptions (courtesy of take over from technical jargon in the first instance.

We suggest possible uses of each wine in relation with a special event or occasion or in relation with a meal time or eating gathering. Alternatively these mere suggestions may be overlooked to select wines through any of the traditional criteria and ultimately a detailed, technical tasting sheet is also available.

We try and select quality wines with little or no presence in the UK, produced by independent, small to medium sized wineries, to best represent all Spanish regions, grape varieties and wine styles.

UK wine enthusiasts are discerning and appreciative of quality Spanish wines but cannot always find easy access to product and detailed information.

For the sake of transparency, we focus on wines already present and tested in the Spanish market even if only regionally or locally. Labels are therefore those handled and supported by their respective wineries.

We try our hardest to keep prices as low as possible by buying directly from the wineries and keeping our margins to a minimum. Cost elements include collection from each winery, transport to the UK warehouse and storage, delivery by wine professionals, alcohol UK excise duty and VAT.

Reduce and summarise the existing myriad of wine classification systems down to a simple triad: fruit driven, layered or complex, applicable to any type of wine whether red, white, rosé, still or sparklingRead more


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