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Sherry Sampler 6 Case


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1 x Manzanilla S. León Special (50cl), often used by sherry tasting schools, it is that representative of this Jerez style. Dry.

1 x Manzanilla S. León Reserva, aged longer, and therefore a bit more complex. Dry.

1 x Amontillado H. de Argüeso: Manzanilla is aged in oak for years to produce this fruity and woody dry sherry.

1 x Oloroso H. de Argüeso: base white wine is directly aged in oak butts for decades to create this jewel of woody, roasted nuts and dried fruit aromas.

1 x PX H. de Argüeso: dark, dense, truly sweet, Pedro Ximenez raisined grapes and aged in oak to delightful maturity.

1 x Cream H. de Argüeso, a blend of Amontillado and PX for a sweet, pleasant Jerez.

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About Sherry Sampler 6 Case

Spain geographical indicationsDO Jerez
SweetnessDry, Medium sweet, Sweet


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