• Spanish red wine - mature

    Spanish red wine - mature

  • Spanish fruity red wine

    Spanish red wine - fruity
  • Cava Brut Nature Jane & Santacana Reserva at The Wallace Collection reception

    Spanish Cava

  • Spanish white wine fruity

    Spanish white wine - fruity

  • Spanish white wine rich

    Spanish white wine - rich

  • Sherry varieties

    Jerez sherry

  • Signature wines or ‘vinos de autor’ is an expression in Spain to describe those that follow a winery’s or a winemaker’s patterns rather than those typical or traditional in their area. Versum’s base is a traditional Rioja combination of tempranillo with...

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  • This is a delicious Mediterranean blend from Alicante, dominated by the local queen variety Monastrell –Murvedre-. Red and black fruit aromas like plums and prunes, with hints of balsamic and aromatic herbs. Built in 1932, ‘La Casica del Abuelo’ (Grandad’s Shed)...

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  • La Capital has been created by Sylvia Iglesias, technical manager at Grupo Sanz. Central Spain reds have gained much popularity in recent years. Sanz acquired an existing, small winery in Madrid and added their superb Tempranillos to their well established and reputed white wine range....

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  • Selección is the expression of Arrayán’s main vineyard, Finca la Verdosa’s terroir through its four varieties: syrah, merlot, cabernet sauvignon and petit verdot. The use of third and even fourth year barrels as oposed to new oak is aimed at minimising wood...

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    First dry white wine ever made with 100 percent fresh Pedro Ximenez grapes, historically raisined to produce sweet, dark wines. Truly unique, this world premiere is already recognised amongst the top Spanish whites. PX is grown locally since the 12th century, coinciding with the...

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  • Oro Palido is fresh, fragrant, tasty, and elegant. Verdejo from Rueda is by far the most popular of all Spanish white wines. The main grape in Rueda is Verdejo with characteristic notes of melon, honeysuckle and citrus. Pago de Traslagares organically farm a specific plot of land to...

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  • 10% OFF when you buy 12 bottles or more This Syrah from Jumilla, Murcia is big on all fronts. Its deep plum colour and good body announce a feast of aromas, a surprising combination of fresh and ripe fruit notes like plums and cherries, blackcurrant and blueberries with a trace of...

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  • An appealing blend of alicante bouschet -garnacha tintorera, as it is known in Spanish- and petit verdot to create a wine with red berries, stone fruit notes, nuts, and a floral...

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  • This is an alternative to sister red tempranillo La Capital for those who like slightly more sophisticated wines that combine fruity flavours with a layer from the oak ageing process. It is produced by the same small winery in Madrid. This Tempranillo falls also within that central...

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  • Harper's Choice April 2017. Hundred percent naked bobal. Very distinct, appealing herbal notes together with the characteristic red berry aromas of these varietals. Bobal is among the handful of grapes rediscovered in recent years, historically used only in combination with other red...

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  • Garnacha de Arrayán is arguably this Central Spain bodega’s ensign creation by winemaker Maite Sanchez. An elegant Garnacha representative of the slate hills of Cebreros in the Sierra de Gredos mountain range. Same as sister wine La Suerte, subsequent vintages of Garnacha...

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  • The name Salino refers to the mineral salts present in the soil where the vines grow, which is a determining factor in the remarkably mineral style of this otherwise fruity, floral...

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